lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

and now for something completely different...

Hi everybody!
Let me introduce myself:
I´m a clumbsycookie fan, who can´t speak English properly and have no knowledge of computers.
Despite the fact I haven´t cook too much in my life (I´m a bit lazy) I´ve decided to write a blog (in English) trying to cook the awesome recipes from (and others!).
Yes, I know It sounds a bit weird, but that´s the way I am. In fact the aim of the blog is just have a good time learning to cook! I hope you have a good time too! and remember...If I can cook something, anybody can!

And now some photos:

Spanish omelette (great), chocalate ice-cream(awesome recipe from clumbsycookie) and mozzarella&olive-oil pizza(incredible!) and my new book for recipes!!Isn´t it great??

Enjoy your meals!

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